Singorama Review – Answering The Singorama Scam Question


Product: Singorama


Price: $99.95 if you click here.


What Is It?: Singorama is a training regiment to help strengthen and improve your singing voice.  The package comes with 28 interactive audio lessons, two books, pitch perfection software and also a recording studio to record your singing.  Usually I handle all of the reviewing myself, but since my wife is the singer of the family, she’ll be writing this Singorama review from here on out.


What I Liked About It: Singorama provides a very well structured set of lessons that can help a singer of any talent level improve his or her performance very quickly.  I noticed that after a couple of weeks through this Singorama review I was able to carry notes much longer and more precise than before.  The pitch perfection software that comes with the package is a godsend for anyone who has trouble with pitches.  I was impressed by how complete and throrough the audio lessons were.  The program truly points out how to be your absolute best at every facet that affects your singing.


What I Disliked About It: Before my husband got me to agree to do this Singorama review, I was googling, trying to find information about the program and I tried finding some Singorama scam reports to see if anyone had any problems with the product, and the most common complaint was the price.  At first the Singorama scam reports had me worried about the software’s value, but I would have to say that as soon as I started using the program my attitude changed.  The price is no more than a couple of sessions with a vocal coach, an amount that anyone who is serious about their singing would be willing to spend.  I feel that the people on the web that were complaining about the cost weren’t really interested in bringing their voice up to the next level.


Would I Recommend It?:  In my opinion, Singorama is one of the best resources for any singer aspiring to take their performance to the next level whether that is posting videos on youtube, singing with your band, or even performing on TV.  I noticed a distinct improvement on my tone and the ability for me to carry notes higher and longer.  I feel that this package is a steal at $99.95 (through our special link).  This Singorama review provided more improvement than hundreds of dollars spent on lessons with my vocal coach.